No matter who you are, you can make money.

Good money.

You have a skillset, or at the very least a desire to do something in this world. Where we make it really complicated is the next part: the money. 

How much do I charge? How much am I worth? Where do I even begin? Do I really need to budget? How do I invoice? Is it time to have one of those accountant people on my team?

...the questions are endless, but good questions that need to be asked, nonetheless!

You see, it’s rare that we’re taught how to be in relationship with money. We can often be shamed into thinking it’s bad for wanting it, discouraged from asking the tough questions around the dinner table and so we’re left to figure it out for ourselves…

...or go seeking.

Hi, I'm Coraline

Years ago, I went seeking. I was fascinated by money and knew I wanted to make it (and not work until I was 60!), I just had to work out how. What I found was that there were 2 types of people teaching money:

  • The mindset people
  • The pragmatic people

But no one was teaching both. And so I paid to have various mentors and coaches in my life, to uplevel me in both areas. In fact, at one point I had FOUR separate coaches, all tackling the different foundations of growing wealth.

I set out on a mission to accumulate as much as I could by my 30th birthday. By the time that came around, I had built a 12-property portfolio with my then-husband, acquired a fair chunk of cash and then lost 7 figures of that while going through a divorce and some failed investments. I quickly learned a hard lesson... 

you can have as much as money as you want if you get out of your own way.

In my search to build a business and life the foundational way, I was able and sustain several businesses that now provide multiple streams of income. As I began to live life a little differently from my 9-5 friends, I started getting asked if it was possible to replicate the same results in THEIR business and life too.

So here I am. Sharing the insights, teachings, learnings and mindset shifts that have made a prolific impact in my own journey, and my students. If you’re seeking a place that fundamentally gives you the mindset AND practical elements to building a lifestyle and wealth you truly crave, welcome you've found the right place.

A Snippet Of The Conversations We Have

  • How to ditch your money stories
  • Budgeting + forecasting for business
  • Pricing your offers for profit
  • Building the right financial team
  • Creating buffers + reducing financial stress
  • How to not operate from scarcity, even if you're broke
  • Debt. A biggie. And what to do about it
  • ...and so much more!

"Coraline is the wealth wing woman I have engaged to see my business & soul scale and swim in dollar bills."

“Why? Because she gets it.

She gets it beyond ATO jargon and whisper that stifle creative energy. She is a whizz, a ninja, knows what it means to bring stealth to business and life, and is absolutely the person I trust to help me build what I need to build. If you are looking for someone who has lived lifetimes helping people create wealth for themselves against all odds - Coraline is it."

Angela Gallo - Angel Phoenix Arsenal

Your Next Steps

The Monthly Date Night With You, Your Numbers... And Me!

The Wealth Club

The Action-Taking Session You Know You Need, But Have Never Done - Until NOW!

Want to build your net worth but have no regular practices with you and your money? Does money come in and go out... and you're left scratching your head wondering how the millions are supposed to magically wind up in your bank?

This is your invitation to welcome in a new consistency into your live - having an intimate, guided date with your numbers! 

Financial Wing Woman Support When You Need It...

Coaching With Me: 1:1 or Group

I know the power of having someone you can call in those pivotal (or meltdown) moments of business. 

With group or 1:1 coaching, you can bring what's going on to the table and together, we workshop where to go next. The right conversation may just save you time second-guessing and getting on to making money and having a life!

The Thing Every Female Needs... 

My FREE Money Mindset Training

Getting on top of your money means getting on top of your money stories. 

Find out how in this FREE Money Mindset Training taken from my best-selling mini course, Soulful Money Mindset! 

"She knows her shit."

"She knows her shit, back to front, up to down, inside and out.I trust Coraline. She's not afraid of anything because she's been there, done it, learned from it, and done it again."

Hayley Carr - Business Coach

Want To Get In Touch?

Perhaps you have a podcast, an event or just want to reach out to see how we can work together? I’m all ears! Drop your details here and you'll be hearing from me really soon.

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