"She is straight forward and helps zero in on what you have going on, whether it's business or finance." - Lynn Elithe

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"Before signing up for Coraline’s Soulful Money Mindset course, I was ignoring all of my limiting money beliefs that I knew I needed to have think about but didn’t want to look at! I was ‘getting away with it’ because I had freelance work and was making an income so I felt like it wasn’t really much of a big deal… Until all of my work for the foreseeable future had been cancelled, and then I knew I could no longer hide from it if I wanted to make a change.

My biggest realisation was that wealth shows itself in 7 areas of our life, and by rating these out of ten, the penny dropped and I all of a sudden felt extremely wealthy in most areas of my life. It also shone a light on the areas I’d like to work on, which was no longer so daunting when it was broken down into smaller chunks.

Since working on my money mindset, I am more aware of the things I say about money and my relationship with it. I day dream about what I would spend my money on, and along with all the nuggets of gold Coraline shares in the course, I am seeing my income increase in a sustainable way, which I am endlessly thankful for.

I knew Soulful Money was going to be great, as all of Coraline’s content is, but I had no idea it was going to be this juicy!"

- Sophie Littin

Coraline is the wealth wing woman I have engaged to see my business & soul scale and swim in dollar bills.


Because she gets it.

She gets it beyond ATO jargon and whisper that stifle creative energy. She is a whizz, a ninja, knows what it means to bring stealth to business and life, and is absolutely the person I trust to help me build what I need to build. If you are looking for someone who has lived lifetimes helping people create wealth for themselves against all odds - Coraline is it."

- Angela Gallo - Angel Phoenix Arsenal

"She knows her shit."

"She knows her shit, back to front, up to down, inside and out. I trust Coraline. She's not afraid of anything because she's been there, done it, learned from it, and done it again."

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Money and the wealthy may be deemed “dirty” to some, but that doesn’t give any reason for you not to speak dirty to me.
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