I’m Coco, business owner, human design - generator 2/4, corporate escapeee, self-made millionaire, adoring aunt, soon to be mumm and the biggest fan of potato chips you’ll ever meet!

Born an Aquarian / Ox in Tahiti >>> First overseas trip at 6 months old. Confirmed: Got the travel bug.


Began my hula dancing career 😜 (not with hula hoops!)


Move to Brisbane, Australia and could not speak a word of English.


Began dating primary school “bully”-turned-sweetheart. Lived in Japan as part of UNESCO exchange. Came back fluent in Japanese.


University > Business, Japanese, Hotel Management, Project Management and Human Resources (3 degrees in 4 years!)


Started property portfolio / renovation / development


Began HR Career in Corporate World. Euro Trip #1


Euro Trip #2


BIG YEAR - Married in Byron Bay.
Best Friend committed suicide.
Began questioning EVERYTHING.
The year we (husband and I) became multi-millionaires.
Travelled to South America for 3 months and explored the Western Coast with a backpack.


Moved to Central QLD to continue my HR Career with BHP. Upleveled like a MOFO and experienced some very interesting experiences and characters.


Undertook a Property Mastermind with Bob Andersen; which took my property development career up a notch.


Separation with my husband after 12 years together.


Financial hardship begins as the market I had invested in began to dip.
Left Corporate HR Career to pursue full time in my Property Development Business.


Divorce official in January.
Travelled throughout Thailand for 3 months.


Purchased Commercial Cleaning Business from Family. It was not the ideal business to purchase as it was -7% to the bottom (that means it didn’t have any profit).


Lost all wealth through Property Developments gone wrong - 2nd time around losing it all.


Began personal brand to empower women to dream bigger, improve their relationship with money, increase their net worth whilst build stronger financial foundations.

Finished last property development project… for now.

Began The Entourage with Angela Gallo. 


Launched Keep the Change Podcast, The Wealth Club and The Boss Method Intensive. 

Guest appearances for Stevie & Tay, The Queen of Confidence, Angela Gallo, to name a few. 

Accepted as a Forbes Business Writer.

Supported over 400 women in exploring their sovereignty in what it means to have money, create wealth and make their own financial decisions.


Focusing on growing a healthy baby (due June 2021).

Growing cleaning business through the pandemic and appointing key positions to take our service offerings to a wider reach.


And the rest… join the Coco Chronicles to find out what’s next!

Waitlist open to work with me from October 2021 for 1:1 and Masterminds.
Talk dirty to me...
Money and the wealthy may be deemed “dirty” to some, but that doesn’t give any reason for you not to speak dirty to me.
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